Progressive business in harmony with nature

A small village in the northern district, Heitzenhofen on the Naab. Here, Martin Sarfert (Dipl. Engineer Architect) is already realizing the energy turnaround with his family business. Power ahead is the motto - electricity from hydro-power and solar energy.

With its hydroelectric power plant, it produces electricity continuously, i.e. 24 hours a day, and feeds this into the general power grid, thus making a valuable contribution to green electricity. In addition, the waterworks supplies district heating from the turbine waste heat for the hotel operation and the surrounding houses. In the last 2 years, there has been an expansion in the solar sector on the company buildings in view of the increasing global warming. In the field of architecture, Mr. Sarfert attaches great importance to the restoration of existing buildings in order to avoid further land sealing in nature. New on the company premises are 3 solar-powered electric charging stations and an electric vehicle. His current project is particularly climate-friendly: he is currently planting 300 fruit trees on the Naab Island as valuable suppliers of oxygen and regional fruit products. We are already looking forward to his future ideas.